Pagepicker Demo

Pagepicker Demo Site

Hi folks, this is a demo site for the Pagepicker block for the Concrete5 CMS. The Pagepicker blocks is available in the Concrete5 Marketplace. This website is intended as support and demo site for the pagepicker so you can see what it does before deciding to buy it.

You are looking at a fresh installation of the Concrete5 CMS, version in which I installed the Pagepicker package.

What is a Pagepicker ?

A Pagepicker is a content block for your Concrete5 website which allows you to create a list of pages by selecting them from the sitemap. This is convenient in situations where you want to accomplish one or more of the following tasks:

  1. Create a vertical list of hyperlinks; a side navigation menu for example.
  2. Create a horizontal navigation bar.
  3. Create a gallery.

The keyword here is "control";  you have control over the order of the list and the pages that appear in the list. It is intended for situations where the Autonav block and Pagelist block don't offer you the flexibility you are looking for. The Autonav block and Pagelist block are dynamic blocks, meaning they will display more, or less pages, or in a different order each time you make changes to your sitemap. Let's say you want a horizontal navigation list in your footer for example, displaying the following links : 'sitemap', 'contact' and 'disclaimer'. Try accomplishing this with the Autonav block and the pagelist block. It's possible, but you will have to do some configuration work.

Navigation lists and bars are just examples of content you can create with the Pagepicker. You can also create other types of content like a news list or a gallery. Just have a look around this demo website.

I have built a large number of Concrete5 websites and this was a block I used in nearly every project. That's why I decided to publish the block on the Concrete5 Marketplace. I hope you like. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or comments.